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Philip Dundas

A Very Edinburgh Story

When I was a boy, that is roughly thirty years ago, expelled from school and cast from my parents’ favour, I got a job as a pot washer in Bell’s Diner, a real burger joint, long before the current craze, run by the gorgeous hippy Bill Allan. He and it are still around. The restaurant world in Edinburgh at that time was full of ambition and ... more

Philip's Diary
There's nothing to eat

Next time you look in the fridge and think it's empty, look again. Tonight for dinner, spaghetti con gamberi e pesto ricotta salata. Anyone hungry yet?

Cooking Without Recipes
'Read, inwardly digest, then throw the book away. This is the first day of the rest of your life in the kitchen'. Simon Callow more
Tripadvisor Syndrome

As a restaurateur one is subject to reviews. It was bad enough in the days when one only had to fear the crapulous pundits of print casting their judgement after a long and liquid lunch. ...

Oliviera, Nice

Olive oil is like coffee, tea and flour, when you taste the best, nothing compares. It’s easy to understand how this liquid sun was the basis for the fine unguents of ancient history. Used ...

Toyboys and tentacles

Like most people, my first taste of cephalopod was abroad. I think mine was 1985 and I arrived in Greece for the first time. Flown in to join a rather handsome and rich older man, determined ...